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Geelong Ethnic Communities Council

Diversitat is governed by the Geelong Ethnic Communities Council Executive Committee which contributes to, and directs the vision, values and general policies of the organisation.

The Executive Committee is guided by a general Council which comprises up to two representatives from each of the 51 cultural communities affiliated with Diversitat. An Associate Member from 94.7 The Pulse has also sat on the Executive Committee since November 2012.

Diversitat Executive Committee

President – Dr. Linda Sydor Petkovic, Ukrainian Community

Secretary – Mr Zoran Dimovski, Macedonian Community

Treasurer – Mr Eldo Jacob

Ordinary member – Mrs Sophia Shen, Chinese Community

Ordinary Member – Dr. John Lamp, Pulse Community Radio Associate GECC Member

Our Communites

Afghan CommunityThe Afghan Community was established in Geelong in 2011 and is an active affiliate in association with Diversitat.   Initially community members were lone men waiting for families to arrive, but over the last year a number of women and families have arrived to join them and members are actively involved in the development of the association.

Community members have been participating in Diversitat’s English and Social Awareness programs and at the end of Ramadan, they took part in an Eid celebration at the Northern Hub.

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Croatian CommunityThe Croatian Community of Geelong is one of the region’s biggest ethnic communities, with over 5,000 residents calling themselves Croatian. The Croatians began migrating to Australia after WW2 and have since established 3 community halls, ‘The Dom’ Australian Croatian National Hall. 101-111 Seperation Street, Bell Park,  the Croatian Community Centre. Cnr Cox and Matthews Rd, Corio and North Geelong Warriors Soccer Club. Gibbons Rd, Lara.

In 1972, the Croatian Cultural Artistic Association, or ‘LADO’ was established in Geelong, and it has played an integral role in showcasing and promoting Croatia’s rich, proud culture and heritage through music, song and dance. In 2017 LADO celebrates their 45th anniversary of service to Geelong. LADO consists of over 100 active dancers and 30 musicians and continues to strengthen with the support of over 100 volunteers. 

Visit the Croatian Cultural Artistic Association HKUD ‘LADO’ Geelong facebook page

Hungarian CommunityThe Hungarian Community consists of St Laszlo Senior Citizens Social Club and the Mezei Virag dance Ensemble.

The Hungarians arrived in Geelong largely between around 1949 and 1957 . They subsequently established their own community, which currently has 80 members, who meet at their club house at 55 Lovely Banks Rd, Lovely Banks.

Traditionally the women’s costumes comprised embroidered blouses, skirts and head scarfs, while the men wore black trousers, white shirts with black waistcoats and hats.

Their arts include music based on the pentatonic scale, which was adopted by gypsy musicians, as well as Dancing and Painting.

Traditional cuisine includes Beef Gulyas (soup), Beef Porkolt and Hot fish soup.

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Karenni Matt Houston smallerThe Karenni come from a territory between the East of Myanmar and the North-west of Thailand, and include four main tribes, the Kayah, Kayan, Kayaw and Paku. Due to political conflict in Burma, the Karenni fled to Thailand and as a result of a resettlement program commenced in 2005, there are now approximately 200 Karenni in Geelong. Most of the adults are employed on farms in the Geelong region.

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Russian PF for websiteThe Russian community was first established in Bell Park in the 1950’s. They are a small and growing community with over 70 families united around their Orthodox church.

Russia is very rich in colourful culture and traditions that have been passed on from generation to generation

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