2018 Victorian Senior of the Year Award

Congratulations to David Squillari, who is one of our wonderful volunteers here at the Healthy Living Centre. Dave recently received a Certificate of Appreciation and Recognition, as part of the 2018 Victorian Senior of the Year Awards, for significant contributions to local communities and Victoria.

Since reaching the age of 60 (now 67) Dave has been a keen volunteer, happily giving many hours of his week to a diverse range of organisations that rely heavily on the unpaid work of volunteers. This noble deed is integral to operations, and makes an invaluable contribution to these organisations, and the community that each one represents.

After a long, arduous and satisfying career as an aviation engineer with the Royal Australian Navy, on retirement, David started to experience feelings of isolation. With this, he took measures to help alleviate this concern and decided to continue with work; in an unpaid capacity. After a visit to the Geelong Naval and Maritime Museum, David was taken with what he saw, and the common ground connecting his work history, so he decided to ask if there were any volunteer positions. Dave volunteered at this organisation for at least two years, and thoroughly enjoyed the social benefits, along with the feeling of contribution to community; both Geelong as a whole, and the Naval and Maritime community.

However, Dave’s voluntary work does not stop there. Selflessly he has taken on many voluntary roles with a number of organisations that resinate with him. By doing this it helps to keep busy, “which is great for my physical and mental health. I feel like I am achieving something for myself and the others I have encouraged along the way. Through my volunteer work, I have met so many people from all parts of the world. I have been told some incredible stories of strength and resilience – this is really what volunteer work is all about.” – Dave.

As well as the Geelong Naval and Maritime Museum, Dave currently volunteers one full day per week for OneCare Geelong, one evening per week for the Men’s Community Kitchen Group, and four days a week at Diversitat Aged Support – Healthy Living Centre. Considering all of the wonderful and selfless work Dave volunteers himself to each week, is the reason why we nominated Dave for a 2018 Victorian Senior of the Year Award. We appreciate all of the work you do for us.

Again, congratulations on your certificate, very well deserved.

From all at the Healthy Living Centre, thank you.


Jasmin Findlay