Aged Support Clients Serenade the Crowd at Pako Festa 2019

We had an incredible ‘first’ for Diversitat Aged Support recently. 25 clients performed as the Voci D’ora (Golden Voices) Choir on the West Park Stage at the 2019 Pako Festa!! It was the first time we have ever taken our clients (in our 23 year history) along to the excitement of the huge event. WOW-EE such a vibrant and heart-warming performance. We really are so very proud of our delightful clients that sung from their hearts and smiling faces; along with our wonderful choir master Stella Savvy, and the musical accompaniment and fun banter of Ben Costanza.


Voci D’ora had to take to the stage earlier than our 1:10pm scheduled performance, due to a late cancellation of the performers before us. The pressure was on, however our clients, staff and volunteers took it all in their professional stride, waving and blowing kisses to the crowd, as the sound tech set up around them. After months of practice at the Healthy Living Centre, choir master Stella Savvy, lead the group in five songs that represented our cultural diversity and understanding of one another.

The performance opened with the song ‘Belemama’, meaning to come together. Followed by ‘You Are My Sunshine’, that showcased two soloists (Betty and Maria.C) whilst the engaged audience sung along to also. Up next was a song titled ‘Marina’, an Italian favourite that got very loud during each chorus, fantastic. Our Karen clients then treated us with a beautiful traditional song, introduced and lead by community leader and Aged Support staff member, Jeffrey Kler Tha. The rest of the choir clapped along to this lovely song, encouraging the audience to join in too. And then came the finale, a Spanish song titled ‘Vamos A La Playa’, again showcasing two solo performances by Angela and Maria.D. There were beach themed props on the stage, to go along with the beach theme and fun of the song. And then more fun arrived! Cosmo (client) arrived late to the performance due to parking difficulties, and proceeded to dance up a storm in front of the cheering crowd!! It was utterly fabulous.

The day went so fast and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The weather was close to perfect, and so was the choir performance. Diversitat Aged Support also had an information and homemade product stall, which was a shared space with our friends at Geelong Rainbow Inc. The stall had a lot of traffic and interest, showcasing our programs and talented crafty clients, staff and volunteers. All money made from sales, will go back in to social support groups run at Aged Support.

A huge thank-you to everyone who participated in the choir, volunteers and staff on the day for making this all possible. We really couldn’t have delivered such a fabulous performance, and great stall, without each and every one of you – so again, thank-you! We hope y  ou all enjoyed the day as much as we did.

Kahlee Kendrick – Aged Support Project Worker