Barwon Health and Geelong Rainbow Festival Wellbeing Forum

Recently Robyn Martinez  from Diversitat Aged Support was invited to take part in a Barwon Health and Wellbeing forum as part of the Geelong Rainbow Festival.

The Barwon Health forum was about what is available from a health perspective for our LGBTIQ community here in Geelong.

Robyn  spoke about the Community Visitor Scheme funding we recently received which has some modest LGBTIQ targets and explained that we aim to run inclusive social support groups for the older LGBTIQ community here at the Healthy Living Centre.

Robyn gave a 10 minute presentation on our programs and then there was time to open up for questions and a broader discussion about the needs of the Geelong LGBTIQ  community going forward.

Robyn explained that Diversitat wish to be great allies of the Geelong Rainbow group  and that people from  CALD communities may also be LGBTIQ diverse.

Other speakers on the panel were Melbourne based Switchboard and Thorne Harbour Health (formerly the Aids council) and Geelong’s Kardinia Health which is doing some great health work in gender identity and sexual health.

Unfortunately there isn’t much specific support for this community in Geelong and that was very much highlighted to the Barwon Health executive present on the day.

Most participants explained that they still travel to Melbourne to get specialist care and understanding of their needs.