Diversitat Aged Support Newsletter – Issue 3 | September 2020

Diversitat is committed to ensuring its services are inclusive and accessible to all eligible individuals.

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners, Custodians and Elders past and present of the Indigenous Nations on whose lands we work.

Message from Robyn Martinez

General Manager, Diversitat Aged Support

Dear Clients, Carers, Volunteers, Staff and Friends of Diversitat.

We hope our latest newsletter finds you healthy and safe at home and enjoying the start of warm spring weather.

We continue to be busy with some new funds and job roles to help support programs and services for all our wonderful clients and new clients.

There are many new clients in the delivered meals program.

We hope you find the activities we are dropping off to your homes fun and stimulating.

You can always tell us of new ideas for activities or things to include in this newsletter.

The fabric art pieces you created have been put onto large canvases and we are almost ready to hang the completed work at the entry to the Healthy Living Centre.

We will send you soe photos so you can see it – but to see all the beautiful detail – you will have to wait until you can safely come back to us.
Everyone is missing you, our dear clients!

Please take care,


Diversity Theatre Project – “Writing a Life” – Workshop article written by Anastasia Mate-Kole

Arnold ZableOn the 26th of August Diversity Theatre workers and the creative team alongside other Aged Support staff and volunteers participated in a fantastic experience. “Writing A Life” workshop was aimed to contribute toward staff being able to build rapport with clients and help tell their stories in a professional writers’ way.

The workshop was facilitated by Arnold Zable – a wellknown Australian writer, novelist, storyteller, and human rights advocate. This experience has proven that we all have some fantastic stories to tell and Arnold showed us how this can be done in a meaningful and engaging way.

We are looking forward to our Diversity Theatre participants to take part in “Writing a Life” workshops and to share their amazing stories once restrictions are lifted!

Arnold has agreed to be the Diversity Theatre Projects Patron.


Access and Support from Anne Riley

I am the Access and Support Worker at Aged Support, Diversitat. I assist people with diverse backgrounds who are finding it difficult to understand and navigate the in-home health care system, for example accessing My Aged Care. I work to build knowledge and better access necessary care and supports within the home.

At this very difficult time, there have been a lot of changes, including In-home care services and increased isolation. If you or someone you know is vulnerable or needing help to access in-home services such as shopping, then Access and Support may be able to assist.

DHHS has highlighted the importance of testing for Coronavirus if any symptoms, not matter however mild. Stay home and isolate from others.

The test is free or your usual GP cost if not bulk billing. You should bring at least one other form of identification – for example, your Medicare card.

Where to get tested?

Phone before you visit. Use TIS free interpreting service: 131 450

  • Your local doctor (GP), or
  • Barwon Health North: Drive through 9am – 4pm (7 days), Clinic 155 Princes Highway, NORLANE Phone 4215 4445

Or other sites as on Barwon Health website.

Various coronavirus translated resources. 

SBS translated resources:


Department of Health and Human Resources:


Health translations in various languages:


Anne Reilly – Access and Support

Phone: 5222 7275 or 0409 633 328

Meal Delivery Service update written by the Healthy Living Centre Chef, Camille Crozier

Fresh and delicious, ethnically inspired food delivered to your door

  • 4,000+ meals prepared and delivered so far!
  • We are receiving so much wonderful feedback and are very happy you are enjoying your meals
  • Don’t forget you can order as many meals as you like and we have vegetarian alternatives available
  • If you have food intolerances please let us know and we will happily customise your meals
  • If you have a suggestion for a meal you would like simply let us know!

Due to increased demand we have had to make the decision to start delivering meals two days per week from next week. Your meals will be delivered on either a Tuesday or Thursday depending on the suburb you live in. We apologise for any inconvenience and have attached a letter listing the day of delivery for each suburb.

We will continue to give you a confirmation call prior to delivering your meals, and we know that many of you look forward to seeing our Activity Workers from a safe social distance when they make their contactless delivery. Take care and enjoy your meals.
For more information or to place an order call Camille on 0428 312 970.

Menu available at diversitat.org.au/services/aged-support/diversitat-meal-delivery-service/

The Wellbeing effects of a Routine article written by Octavia Chabrier

The Wellbeing effects of a routine

Keeping a daily routine is proving to be one of the best things we can do for our health and wellbeing. This is especially important right now, in such a challenging time. Studies have shown that routine helps us to feel secure, and stress and worry less, by sending a message to the brain that there are still many things within our control.

Many of us have not had access to our normal organised routines, such as physical, spiritual and community engagement activities, and have had to be creative and resilient in seeking alternative ways of connection and sticking to as many routines as possible.

Spend a few minutes thinking about what has been important for you over these past months in as far as your daily habits and routines and how they have helped and how you have adapted any in this pandemic.

Here are some Wellness routines that people have shared with us that they have been able to continue in some ways:

Daily walks, around the garden, street or retirement village. Gardening. Bowls, crosswords and book club. Cooking for family or neighbours Listening to music and watching movies. Phoning family or friends regularly. Worshipping and connecting with one’s spiritual practice. Sewing, mending and being crafty.

Spring is here and a good wellness tip is to find some gentle morning sun and sit in it whilst Reflecting on what strengths you’ve drawn on and how all your resilience and knowledge has helped you to manoeuvre this tricky year. Perhaps take a few minutes to think about the people, the phone calls, the food, the flowers – anything that has helped you, or that you have shared to help another over this time. Sometimes it’s the smallest thing – a ray of sunshine and a smile that has got you through strengths we have that we may have taken for granted.

Fathers Day 6th September

How to say ‘Father’ in other languages

French Père Yiddish Tatti or Tateh Turkish Baba or Papa
Hebrew Abbah Korean Appa or Aboji Afrikaans Vader
Malaysian Bapa German Vater or Papi Dutch Vader
Samoan Tama Greek Babbas Macedonian Tatko
Maltese Missier Bosnian Oce Italian Il Babbo
Brazilian Portuguese Papa Spanish Papa Icelandic Pabbi
Lithuanian Tevas Croatian Otac Irish Daidí

The Diversitat Aged Support Project – Time Capsule Arts Project
article written by Colin Speed

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) shutdown 2020 has changed everyone’s life dramatically living in Australia and their families and friends – and it is worth documenting this moment in time for future generations.

The Diversitat Aged Support staff have formed a project team to ensure as many clients, volunteers and staff can be involved in the Diversitat COVID-
19 Time Capsule 2020 as possible. We have produced a Journal to
capture your thoughts and creative images.

The journals will be placed in the Time Capsule and buried at the Healthy Living Centre in late November 2020.

It will be opened in 5 years’ time for others to understand what Isolation restrictions were like for us and what we did during our time of staying at home.’

Diversitat Time Capsule 2020

Joke Central

Careful what you wish for

A man was walking along the beach when he tripped over a lamp. He turned around angrily and kicked the lamp. Seconds later, a genie popped out of the lamp.

The genie said, “Although you kicked me, I still have to give you three wishes. However, because of what you did, I will also give twice what you wish for to the person you hate the most: your boss.”

So the man agreed and made his first wish. “I want lots of money”, he said. Instantly, $22 million appeared in the man’s bank account and $44 million in the account of his boss.

For his second wish, the man wished for several sports cars. Instantly, a Lamborghini, Ferrari and Porsche appeared in front of him. At the same time, two of each car appeared outside the boss’ house.

“This is your last wish,” the genie said, “so choose carefully;” and to this, the man replied, “I’ve always wanted to donate a kidney…” Poor Boss!!!!!!

Puzzle Corner

Fun Riddle Puzzle

“One by one we fall from Heaven
Down into the depths of past
And our world is ever upturned
So that yet some time we’ll last”

To answer this riddle, follow the steps below. Once complete, the unmarked words will reveal the answer. (Please note: The correct answer can be found at the bottom of this page)

Cross out 6 words that rhyme with ‘tall’

Cross out 6 names of Cities

Cross out 6 types of trees

Cross out 6 types of animals

Cross out 6 words ending in ‘Z’

Cross out 8 car manufacturers names

Mall Waltz Melbourne Beech Squirrel Jazz Berlin

Sand Mouse Toyota Fall Birch Cedar Ford

Hyundai Shawl Topaz Kangaroo Whiz Eucalyptus Possum

In Elm Darwin An Mazda Chintz New York

Subaru Ball Brisbane Call Honda Holden Hourglass

Porsche Hare Cypress Paris Wall Rabbit Kibbutz

Panda Kiwifruit Bass Tiger Drought Plane

Elephant Hurricane Lottery Red Green Hail Orange

Rhinoceros Theatre Tomorrow Snow Guitar Violet Blue

Strawberry Leopard Blueberry Indigo Harp Tornado Concert

Watermelon Grapes Cello Gorilla Yellow Viola

‘Hola Amigo’ Visiting Program (CVS) By Jasmin Findlay

Our ‘Hola Amigo’ Visiting Program is a Community Visitors Scheme (CVS) initiative, funded by the Australian Government – Department of Health (DoH).

It links older people living at home with an accredited CVS ‘Community Visitor’ volunteer, for on-going company and social connections.

To many, the social connections and wellbeing benefits of the program are vital. To others, the benefits are simply comforting – genuine and trusted friendships created.

The CVS program will not impact any services, fees or costs you may already have in place. Consider the ‘Hola Amigo’ Visiting Program (CVS) as an ‘added extra’ social support Connector.

Contact Jasmin Findlay on 0417 134 072 for further information and eligibility criteria.

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About Diversitat Aged Support

Diversitat’s Aged Support Services promotes independence for older people from culturally diverse backgrounds by providing support and socialisation opportunities.

500-600 clients from 23 different countries use Aged Support’s services.

Diversitat’s Aged Support is the winner of the global award: Most Outstanding Multicultural Community Support Group in the World 2018 and winner: Best Aged Care Facility as judged by Australian Healthcare Week 2019.

Our Mission

Building on our proud heritage of migrant services, since 1978,  Diversitat aspires to provide an innovative and high-quality response to the changing needs of a culturally diverse community.

Supported by funding from the Commonwealth and Victorian Governments under the Home and Community Care (HACC) and Commonwealth Home Support Programs (CHSP).

Puzzle Answer: ‘Sand in an Hourglass’.

Funded by the Victorian Government

Supported by funding from the Commonwealth and Victorian Governments under the Home and Community Care (HACC) and Commonwealth Home Support Programs (CHSP).