Diversity Theatre Project calls for Geelong region volunteers and participants to take advantage of the health and wellbeing benefits of performing arts

Diversitat is seeking volunteers and participants for an innovative new project called The Diversity Theatre Project.

The project, run by Diversitat Aged Support, is funded by the Federal Department of Health and is aimed at senior members of Geelong’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, LGBTI and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities.

Diversitat Aged Support General Manager Robyn Martinez said the program aimed to promote health and wellbeing through performing arts.

“This project is an opportunity for participants to increase their wellbeing and social support options and make a beautiful piece of theatre about something they care about, and a story they want to tell,” she said.

“We hope people will increase their wellbeing and ability to remain independent and live at home for as long as possible.”

“People could tell a story about their lives or people they know.”

The show will be on at Costa Hall on June 12th and 13th and is seeking participants from a specific diverse group – members of the LGBTI or CALD communities over 65 and members of the indigenous community over 50.

“We are really looking for older people to tell their stories and be involved in a fun, exciting activity,” Mrs Martinez said.

There will also be opportunities for participants who don’t want to be on stage.

“Those who don’t want to be on stage will still play an important role in helping us to shape a show.”

Director Peter Jukes said that the style and content of the show would be shaped entirely by the participants.

“My role is to coordinate the creation of the piece of theatre that we come up with at the end,” he said.

“There’s nothing set in concrete yet, the show will be created by the people who participate in the process.”

Mr Jukes said that the project will give participants the opportunity to work in a world-class theatre environment.

“This will be a high-quality production – it’s a professional theatre and a professional staging crew,” he said.

In addition to program participants, there are also volunteer opportunities for adults with a passion for theatre.

“We’re also looking for anyone over the age of 18 interested in theatre to volunteer and help to assist us in creating the show and help out backstage,” Mr Jukes said.

For more information about being a volunteer or participant, visit https://diversitat.org.au/services/aged-support/diversity-theatre-project/