The Great Tomato & Chilli Competition

Thursday 1st of March saw the annual Great Tomato & Chilli Competition at Diversitat Aged Support. It was the 3rd year we have run this fun (yet slightly serious) competition. Previously it had only been tomatoes, this year we decided to involve chillies also – after many discussions and requests from clients.

It was a fabulous day! The sun was out, and our new Healthy Living Centre was abuzz as the crowd gathered; consisting of clients, competitors, staff, honourable judges and welcomed guests. Jarrah Wilson (Diversitat Training) brought her Cert III Horticulture students along, one of which stepped up to the plate to be a judge of the Sweetest Chilli category, and then helped out in the Hottest Chilli category – thanks for that Will, you’re a brave man! Barbara Catic also brought her English students across, who as a group took out winner of the Most Unusual Tomato category. There were plenty of entries (the most yet) in each category, with clients bringing along and proudly displaying an abundance of home-grown tomatoes and chillies.

There was a fun, competitive vibe in the air; as competitors placed their tomatoes and chillies on the appropriate category labelled tables for judging. Categories included: Tastiest Tomato, Hottest Chilli, Longest Chilli, Shortest Chilli, Biggest Tomato, Smallest Tomato, Best Coloured Chilli, Most Unusual Tomato and Sweetest Chilli. All of the wonderful prizes were displayed on a table, which were kindly donated by Bunnings North Geelong, Faggs Mitre 10 South Geelong, Wombat Gully Plant Farm and VanLoons Nursery. Prizes consisted of gift vouchers, snail house & bait, flower tower including seeds, gardening tools, gardening bag, and bulbs!

Our honourable judges; Ninette Solomons, Alberto Del La Cruz, and Tom (ato) Van Etten, got to work in scrupulously measuring, weighing, smelling and tasting the entries. Dear Alberto felt the heat, and required some yogurt and watermelon to get him through tasting all of the Hottest Chilli entries. One brave fella indeed! Ninette was in charge of the Sweetest Chilli category, on biting into her first entry, discovered it was indeed hot! Luckily Will (student) stepped in to help her out by tasting the rest of the entries. After great discussions amongst all of the judges, it was time to coin the winners of each categories.

And the Winners are…………

· Sweetest Chilli – Alex (client)

· Most Unusual Tomato – Barbara’s English Class

· Best Coloured Chilli – Mr Bill (client)

· Smallest Tomato – Pak (staff)

· Biggest Tomato – Nikolovski (client)

· Shortest Chilli – Pak (staff)

· Longest Chilli – Artile (client)

· Hottest Chilli – Tony (client)

· Tastiest Tomato – Trajce (client and reigning champion of this category for the third year running!)

On behalf of all at Diversitat Aged Support, we would sincerely like to thank the judges (Tom, Ninette and Alberto) who kindly volunteered their time; and the businesses (Bunnings North Geelong, Faggs Mitre 10 South Geelong, VanLoons Nursery and Wombat Gully Plant Farm), that generously donated all of the wonderful prizes! Thank you also, to everyone that took part in the day, by submitting entries or coming along to watch. And lastly, thanks to Camille who cooked up a ripper BBQ lunch for everyone to enjoy.

Until next year, be kind to your plants!