‘Hola Amigo’ Community Visitors Scheme

Creating smiles from connections, by pairing volunteers with older people for company & social activities.

The Community Visitors Scheme (CVS) is an initiative funded by the Australian Government. The aim is to pair trained volunteers with an older person for visits and company. To access our CVS Program, the older person will be living at home & receiving an Australian Government Home Care Package. Or have been assessed, approved and awaiting their package to come through.

Diversitat’s ‘Hola Amigo’ Visiting Program aims to reduce the feeling of isolation and loneliness for older people in the Geelong and surrounding areas; who are from culturally diverse backgrounds, LGBTIQ older people, or people who may be financially or socially disadvantaged.

Referrals by: Family or friend, self-identified referral, Doctors, Aged Care Providers or Case Manager.

For further information, please contact Community Visitors Scheme Coordinator, Jasmin Findlay on 5222 7275 or  [email protected]