Lizzy Lizzards visit Diversitat Aged Support

On Friday 9th June, we had some very unique little guests come and visit us at the centre. Lizzy Lizzards arrived early afternoon, creating a fabulous display of lizards (including Blue Tongue’s, Stumpy Tail’s, and Spikey Dragon’s), along with Long Necked Turtles, friendly Diamond Pythons, Green Tree Frogs and a cuddly one year old female possum; for our clients to view and even hold! If they felt that way inclined………

Well, it seems we have a few reptile wranglers amongst us! Both clients and staff enjoyed getting up close and personal with every special critter that came along for the visit. Snakes held, frogs kissed and lizards cuddled; the energy in the room was uplifting and totally exciting!

Lizzy spoke about each animal, sharing her experience and knowledge with us. We watched as she fed the abundance of lizard’s some unlucky little crickets. And squirmed as she freed the three (truly beautiful) pythons out of the confines of their bags. However, It didn’t take long before clients and staff were putting their hands up for a nurse of these mostly feared creatures.

Lizzy Lizzards are booked to visit us     again within the next few weeks. And all of us are looking forward to seeing our little mates again.