Musical Melodies

Diversitat Aged Support clients and staff had an opportunity to attend and enjoy Musical Melodies at GPAC, with tickets kindly donated by GPAC. The shows, running from February to June this year, were  spectacular – clients could  not stop talking about the performances.

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell whether clients have enjoyed certain activities or events, however on this occasion there was no doubt – they loved it!

This was made evident when a client’s wife came rushing out to a staff member at pick up informing them that her husband hadn’t stopped talking about the great time he had with the social support group at Musical Melodies. For staff it was a realisation that a couple of hours of activity with the social group can brighten up the client’s whole week and have an impact on their whole family. It’s a good example of the butterfly effect.

Another client expressed how Musical Melodies had brought so much joy and happiness to her, that she continued singing for a week at home. If she could, she would attend Musical Melodies every day.

Musical Melodies is fantastic for all of our clients, especially for those client who have dementia, as music is incredibly beneficial for the brain and memory function. Thanks again to GPAC for kindly donating tickets to our clients, and both clients and staff look forward to the next shows.