Tomato and Chilli Competition

Have you planted your tomatoes yet??

Have you got chillies growing in your garden??

Diversitat Aged Support will be hosting our annual Great Tomato & Chilli Competition again at the Healthy Living Centre, early 2019.

The exact date for the competition event has not yet been set, however on consultation with our trusty and knowledgeable gardeners here at the Healthy Living Centre, we will set a date for either late February or March 2019, and let you know with plenty of time.

In the meantime, get planting! So that you are ready to enter your home grown produce into the fun and excitement of one of the best annual events on our Aged Support calendar.

As usual, there will plenty of categories to enter in to, with prizes prizes prizes a plenty!!!

A whole lot more details to come……… HAPPY GARDENING!!

Jasmin Findlay