Victoria & Geelong Seniors Festival Diversitat Aged Support’s – Crossing Musical Bridges

Friday October 21st, saw Diversitat Aged Supports’ contribution to the state wide ‘Seniors Festival’ – that takes place annually in October. Despite the harrowing weather, we had a wonderful turnout for our event titled ‘Crossing Musical Bridges’.

Performed by 30 Geelong High School students, for senior members of our community, the song list ranged from contemporary pieces through to classical. The songs were well received by the audience, with the crowd erupting into loud and encouraging applause after each song. The conductor, Carmel Cranage, engaged the audience using wit and reflective questioning to involve and encourage chatter and laughter between each song.

The band played for one hour, finishing up with an energetic and fresh piece that had some members of the band form a conga line, instruments in toe, circling the audience in a fun and upbeat style. All the while, some members of the audience were encouraged to play the maracas along to the beat. A great atmosphere was created, and a fun vibe to finish up on.

Once the music had wound up, an afternoon tea was served, where guests and performers go to chat; a lovely social opportunity for young and older members of our community.

Diversitat Aged Support would like to thank everyone who attended the Seniors Festival event, and special thanks and gratitude to Carmel, Shannon and the Geelong High School students for their involvement on the day.

** If you missed out on our ‘Crossing Musical Bridges’ concert event, and would like an opportunity to see the Geelong High School band perform, they will be playing their ‘Annual Music Evening’ at Costa Hall – GPAC, Tuesday 15th November 7pm. **

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