Grandma Sings to the Moon - on sale!

Watch it here! Do you remember as a child listening to the…

Volunteer Spotlight - James De Graaff, Volunteer Tutor at the Diversitat Colac Homework Club

For this month’s profile, we’re chatting to James De Graaff,…
It's your day to have your say
Ngara McEwen, Mietta Scarlett and Piper Knox

Diversitat staff raise over $42,000 for our community

Since 2013 Diversitat has hosted the Staff Giving program which…
Raising funds for Niksan Selvaraj's funeral

Homework club returns

Pako Festa Night Projections Photo credit: Matt Houston

Pako Festa Projections

Cesar Melhem visit

Diversitat Acting CEO Brian McMahon
Club Italia at Pako Festa 2020