Day 23: Karen and Karenni Weavers Group

Day 23: Karen and Karenni Weavers Group

The Karen and Karenni people originate from the eastern border region of Myanmar (formerly Burma). They are members of ethnic groups which have been suffering discrimination since 1949. Many have had no choice but to flee persecution across the border to refugee camps.

A small group of Karen and Karenni women, known as the ‘Pi Pi’ group, the grandmothers, are keeping their weaving tradition alive here in Geelong.

Through the support of Diversitat, and the Geelong Men’s Shed, backstrap looms and equipment have been constructed and made available for the group to continue practicing this traditional skill.

A small range of the group’s products can be found on sale at Diversitat’s Wholefoods.

You can support Diversitat by donating to the Celebrating Diversity Christmas Appeal.