Commitment to Child Safety

Diversitat is committed to the prevention of child abuse through the intentional promotion of the safety of all children through an organisational culture of care and effective processes to support the culture of child safety. Diversitat wants all children to feel safe, confident and physically and emotionally healthy.

All employees of Diversitat will take responsibility for fostering a high culture of care and safety in relation to all students. The Geelong Ethnic Communities Council (GECC) Executive Committee, senior management, organisation leaders, teachers, trainers, youth workers and all staff, volunteers and contractors of the Organisation understand this duty of care towards children at the organisation. The practices and processes in place will be fortified by the organisation-wide understanding of care and safety as primary to Diversitat’s culture towards children.

At Diversitat we have a zero-tolerance of child abuse and take all allegations and concerns of abuse or harm to children and young people very seriously and respond by implementing our robust policy and procedures. The Executive Committee and all staff employ their legal and moral responsibilities to contact authorities when we are concerned about a child’s safety. Diversitat has a commitment to providing a respectful and safe environment for our student population.  We ensure the cultural safety of Aboriginal children, the cultural safety of children from culturally and linguistically diverse communities, the cultural safety of children from LGBTI communities, the safety of children who are vulnerable due to familial circumstances and/or previous experiences of abuse, trauma and/or neglect, and we are committed to providing a safe physical and cultural environment for children with disabilities. We are dedicated to listening to all children and respecting who they are, where they come from, and what they believe so that they feel empowered to express themselves and contribute to the Diveristat’s child safe policy.