A Year to Remember plus One Exceptional Night

Diversitat Aged Support Team and our many friends were ready for dining, wining and dancing at the annual A Year to Remember event. Dressed in our best attire the celebration was held at Berkley Lodge on the 12th November and commenced at 6.30, although many were eager to start before the doors were officially open. The night provides an opportunity to reflect on the year that has past and thank our many clients and supporters for their efforts.

Diversitat is all about giving our clients the best opportunity to enjoy life and this night enables them to meet people from other cultures, places and participate in society. An opening address to a full house was presented by Robyn Martinez who highlighted the many events that have occurred during the year, and then Robyn introduced the members of the Aged Support Team.

Music was provided by Ben Constanzo whose performance is always outstanding and dancing was available to anyone that dared. A video presentation was displayed to the audience and it was so good to see everyone joining together, engaging in conversation and enjoying each other’s company.

Lastly, it would only be fair to thank Jaz the events coordinator who helped prepare the night and of course will be reviewing all aspects of the event to make sure that next year’s event will be as successful as the one we have just had.