Fun at the Royal Geelong show!

Diversitat and local cultural communities had fun at the recent Royal Geelong Show with fundraising at the Dinning Hall selling toasties and devonshire teas over the 4 days and cultural cooking demonstrations on the Sunday.

Volunteers assisted in the Dinning Hall feeding hungry customers and talking all things Diversitat while in the background we had cultural decorations from the Karenni, Maori, Lithuanian, Polish, Slovenian and Ukrainian communities displaying their items.

On Sunday in the Hall of Agriculture the Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and Indonesian communities showcased their local cuisines through demonstrating their ingredients, cooking skills and stories behind the dish. The crowd were lucky to sample these delights and to get a taste in what’s to come for the 2019 Pako Festa.

A BIG thank-you goes out the all the volunteers that assisted in the Dinning Hall, Communities that donated their display items and the Communities that cooked on Sunday.

If you wish to be a part of this for 2019 or any other volunteering opportunities, please email