Geelong Comes in Many Colours!

As Diversitat welcomes its 40th year of service celebrating people of all cultures and ways of life – it also recognises the importance and impact of sexuality and gender identity in our lives.

Knowing and being able to express our identity freely reminds us of our  diversity as a nation, and that in Australia, everyone has the right to love and feel  safe with the people we share our lives with; irrespective if they are man, woman or other.

Geelong is supportive and of welcoming of lesbian, gay, intersex and trans people and their families, living in or visiting the area and are accepting of those who identify as LGBTIQQ.

Geelong has a small and emergent Queer-culture which is looking for any individuals, groups or organisations who would be interested in getting involved in creating, promoting or running any events. It’s never been such a bright time to come and join us in generating some rainbow spirit! We would Love to hear from you!

Contact: Justin

Mob: 0414 789 897

Email: [email protected]