Grill’d fundraiser for local cultural communities

In February, three of Geelong’s Ethnic Communities participated in the Grill’d Pakington Street fundraiser called ‘Local Matters’.

People were encouraged to purchase a burger from Grill’d were they would receive a token. They would choose which community they would support by placing their token in that community’s jar.

Each community had an description of where the funds would go if they won with the winner receiving $500 and the other two $100.

The winner of the March campaign was the Geelong Nepalese community with their prize going towards sporting equipment for their new and growing community.

The Polish and Hazara Communities will purchase new costumes with their prizes.

Thank you to everyone that participated.

Photo includes a member of the Nepalese Community, Cam the Grill’d Pakington Street Store Manager and a member of the Polish Community.