Happy National Volunteer Week!

Diversitat is proud and privileged to be supported by over 400 dedicated volunteers who work alongside and support our employees to provide high quality, consumer responsive services to a broad range of clients across the organisation.

Volunteers are vital in supporting people who are disadvantaged in our community to be more actively involved in everyday life.

On May 9 – 13 we celebrate National Volunteer Week to say and extra thank-you to all that contribute in such a positive way to our our programs.



“I enjoy volunteering through the Diversitat Resettlement Program because it’s an opportunity to help people from different ethnic backgrounds trying to establish a home here for their families. Coaching students at the NGHS Homework Club is rewarding. They study diligently and achieve great outcomes enabling them to pursue their vocational dreams.”

Lindsay, Volunteer Tutor at North Geelong Secondary College Homework Club and Housing Support Volunteer


“My experience as a volunteer in both these programs has exceeded my prior positive expectations in an even more positive way! I entered the programs wanting to assist refugees to settle within my local community and to express my social responsibility in a practical and ‘real’ way of benefit  to them.  What I wasn’t expecting were the many personal benefits I have gained from this program. I have formed relationships with my mentees and their families and have interconnected through cross-cultural learning and understanding.  I am learning as much as, if not more than, my mentees. One of the most special things I have discovered is that a sense of humour and shared ‘good laugh’ easily cross the cultural and language ‘divide’.   

The support I receive from Diversitat and the friendships I have formed with fellow volunteers are part of all that makes my volunteering an ongoing pleasure.  Developing new skills, meeting people from a wide variety of backgrounds and learning about other languages and cultures benefits me in all areas of my personal and professional life.

Should you be considering volunteering in a similar role, I highly encourage you to give it a go!”

Carol Bradford – Volunteer on the Volunteer Tutor Program



“Stitch – first, it is about friendship; our beautiful ladies and gentleman give this so warmly.  That includes the other volunteers and staff as well as our newcomers to Australia.  Then it is about appreciating my extraordinary good fortune to be born in Australia, in peace and freedom.  Our refugees show me just how strong and good humans can be.  Then there is the sewing; it is such a relaxing and peaceful thing to do together.  And the children – I watched two toddlers from two different continents playing together, just like any little children anywhere; they know nothing of nation or race; their lesson is the most important one – the things that we share are everything; the differences only add richness and texture to what we share.

 And for me especially, I have experienced several years of deafness and the isolation that goes with it.  This was reversed recently through a cochlea implant.  Stitch has helped me to get back into society and train my brain to hear again with the new implant.”

Andrea, Stitch Volunteer and Corio Library Volunteer Tutor


“For the past four years I have enjoyed the most fulfilling, satisfying time in my life during which time I have been actively involved in volunteering with Diversitat. One of the many services Diversitat offers to the refugee community is that of the homework club. This service provides tutoring to the children of refugee background assisting them with their assigned homework.

I have been impressed with the high level of the work ethic and dedication displayed by the students who worked so hard to perform well with their schooling and to take advantage of the opportunity their family has been offered in Australia. This application and commitment to be successful in their new home was a revelation to me as it was contrary to media reports about refugees.  The students were polite and courteous, which reflects their positive parental upbringing.

Volunteering doesn’t cost you anything but the emotional returns are repaid many times over. I urge all who can, to volunteer their time to one of Diversitat’s wonderful volunteer programs.”

Bob, North Geelong Secondary College Homework Club

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