Multi-Cultural Connect

Multi-Cultural Connect was a 1-day event focusing on building stronger connections between local employers and multi-cultural communities. This project aimed to improve employment pathways for vulnerable job seekers in the Geelong region.

Local employers from Geelong (and Colac) were invited to attend the event, meet with job seekers, advertise job opportunities, and actively recruit job seekers from multi-cultural backgrounds.

Over 200 multi-cultural job seekers attended the event and has the opportunity to directly apply for positions, and discuss career goals with employers and education providers.

This event allowed employers to connect directly with multi-cultural job seekers and breakdown any negative pre-conceptions / barriers relating to successful employment outcomes.

Only 2 weeks on from the event over 20 jobs have been offered with more to come as applicants continue through the recruitment process.

Mock interviews and resume writing assistance was also provided on the day with 13 bilingual support staff on hand to translate information and interactions with employers, training organisations and service providers.