Pick My Project!

Diversitat have put in a proposal to improve accessibility for Norlane  residents to access local parklands from our Healthy Living Centre via Wathaurong to Deppeler Park/Seagull Paddock and need your vote to make it happen!

We propose that an accessible walking path be designed and made to lead residents to Seagull Paddock area including Cowies Creek, Deppeler Weir, bridge crossing. The track will take most direct route through Diversitat Hub at Arunga Avenue – DW Hope centre – next to Healthy Living Centre through Hub site, safely cross the busy Boulevard, run along Birdwood Avenue and end at Seagull Paddock/Deppeler park at the back of McDonalds. This is where table seating, toilet facilities and bridge cross the Weir. Geelong has had all the public funds spent on waterfront/central. Spend some in Norlane!

Despite being in a residential area the surrounds the Hub and Wathaurong, cultural precincts are decidedly industrial, except the hidden parklands of Seagull Paddock and Cowies creek/Deppeler Park/ Weir. There is much birdlife and nature at our doorstep but no way for local residents to access it safely.
COGG are looking at upgrading the Deppeler park facilities in the future i.e. toilets, tables, seating, bins and paths and upgrading the bridge. Walking and being in nature increases the wellbeing of all local residents – 278, 929 people.
“A safe and direct way to get there”.
Let’s improve Norlane!

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