Reconnect Program 3 update

Diversitat’s Reconnect Program has been working with early school leavers in Geelong and Colac for nearly three years.

The Reconnect Program provides support to early school leavers (aged 17-64) to enrol and complete the accredited training which they are interested in, while addressing any learning and non-learning needs.

It’s a Volunteer Program and the five support workers are dedicated to building  strong relationships and work holistically with participants to reach positive outcomes. Participants have said they value the outreach support and the flexibility workers provide in meeting their needs.

The Impact of Reconnect in the community

  • Worked with 178 participants in Geelong and Colac since October 2016
  • The majority of participants are aged 25 and under
  • On average 67% of participants have enrolled in accredited training

Examples of the work Reconnect does

  • Strengths assessments and Learning Plans
  • Suitability to various job options
  • Understanding of participant needs
  • Goal setting and prioritising of goals
  • Building capacity and motivation
  • Assistance with enrolment into accrediting training and other short courses
  • Financial assistance – emergency relief, budgeting, scholarship applications
  • Liaising with Job active providers, NDIS case workers and other supports
  • Assistance in finding a GP to obtain a Mental Health plan to assist with mental health challenges
  • Accompanying participants to appointments with other services
  • Completing a resume, cover letter, job search techniques and interview practice
  • Housing assistance, including research of rental properties and the contact details of emergency accommodation if needed
  • Keeping participant’s parents/guardians informed of progress to ensure adequate support
  • Purchasing clothing for interviews and employment
  • Regular communication with RTO teaching staff to ensure students are engaged and on track to complete studies
  • Coaching clients on attitude, behaviour and managing nerves and anxiety
  • Assisting client with Language, Literacy and Numeracy assessments
  • Courts support, letter of support and support with serving corrections orders

For Referrals

For eligibility and more info, visit or call 5223 3222 .