Youth cruise in restored car for Pako Festa


In late 2015, as apart of You Turn Trade’s Upshift program, students Connor and Kiera – with close supervision from Paul, YouTurn’s Panel Beating trainer – worked on a donated car. They modified the 1991 Honda Coupe, substantially altering the cars appearance. To do this they; partly cut the roof through the pillars, the roof skin was then folded in half and they fitted seats in the back. They also installed a towbar so the car could be used to move non-running cars around YouTurn’s workshop and grounds. Connor and Kiera cut, welded, panel beated, ground, bogged, sanded and spray painted the car. They even made and mounted an air flow intake scoop on the bonnet.

Connor and Keira took the car through the Pako Festa parade on Staurday 28th February, with Paul driving and Linda, YouTurn’s receptionist, enjoying the parade from the front seat. To decorate the car for the parade, Paul placed some shields on the front, back and sides of the car that other student had created thoughout last year. They all agreed the parade at Pako Festa was amazing.

Well done to our students on their amazing workmanship!