Services provided to clients under to NDIS

Proudly established in 2013, Diversability provides services and support for their many clients with disability. Diversability specialises in working with people from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds with disability and their families. Diversability’s services are provided to their clients under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Mainly funded through the NDIS and philanthropic trusts, Diversability offers their programs and services to their clients, in particular Coordination of Support, under the NDIS.

A recently completed Grant focused on increasing NDIS access for the ‘Hard-to-Reach’. Diversability creating a manual to assist mainstream services, such as corrections and homelessness organisations, to link ‘Hard-to-Reach’ clients to the NDIS. Such clients included people from a CALD background, people from an Aboriginal background, those involved in the criminal justice system, and people experiencing homelessness.

The Diversability department is aiming to achieve a high level of access and equity for people with disabilities and their families. Diversability aspires to provide their clients with the services and support to help them live the life that they choose.

Diversability also strives to help build awareness and knowledge about the particular needs and barriers CALD people with disability face to help the Disability System better meet the needs of people with disability from a CALD background.

The success of the ‘Hard-to-Reach’ Project remains as one of Diversability’s most proud achievements. Many services were engaged by Diversability to co-design and implement the Project. External services then trialled the manual and tools in their organisation, and were astounded by how useful it was.

In addition to this, a report written in 2013 focusing on working with CALD people with a disability in the Barwon region was used widely across Australia. This report influenced disability service providers, advocacy organisations, and settlement service providers.

Common success stories include witnessing clients gain independence for themselves and their families and carers, and living the life that they choose to live. This includes finding paid employment, and gaining education.

In the future, Diversability hopes to continually grow as a department. This includes increasing the number of NDIS participants who seek their services, as well as hold a strong reputation as being a specialist provider for doing best-practiced work for CALD clients with a disability. Diversability will also continue to seek Grants to complement the services they offer under the NDIS, in order to support the Disability System to be more equitable for people with disability from a CALD background.