Christchurch Reflection

At the GECC Bi-Monthly meeting which happened to fall on Harmony Day, we reflected on the Christchurch shootings with representatives from Geelong’s Ethnic Communities and local leaders  lead by Muslim leader Imam Shaykh Mohammad Ramsan of the Geelong Mosque.


We gather in solidarity with people all world over who are shocked and horrified by the Christchurch shootings:

We pray for all those men, women and children, who died while in the act of prayer in the mosques, sacred places for Islam

We comfort those who have sustained injuries, physical and psychological

We thank all those who risked their own lives to save others

We stand with our Muslim sisters and brothers world-wide who mourn the death of their loved ones

We hope for all our community that we might respond to this tragedy with compassion, understanding, reflection and hope

We join together for peace, friendship and the celebration of diversity, faith and identity here in Australia and around the world

As the Geelong Ethnic Communities Council, we continue our commitment to be people who afford dignity, respect and acceptance to each other

And at this time, to our family and friends in New Zealand we send our sympathy and love.