Humans in Geelong Expo

Humans in Geelong, ‘We aim to inspire!’,  are a small team of ‘Not-for-Profit’ volunteers who report on the ‘good news’ stories of our home town Geelong, and the Greater Geelong area.

The stories are about the everyday humans who are taking action, one way or another, and making a difference. This includes shedding light on causes, however small, that may not be covered in the mainstream media.

They got our inspiration from the Humans in Melbourne Facebook page and thought ‘Why not do something like that in Geelong?’.

They are only 1 year old,  have over 6,000 followers, and have told over 130 inspiring stories.


The Humans in Geelong Expo on Sunday 8 October is a celebration of a diverse range of locals who are taking action and making a difference locally, nationally and internationally. A day full of inspiration, music, laughter and sharing. Thought provoking speakers, performances and workshops. Creating a better world for our children.

It will give the people profiled in ‘Humans in Geelong’ the opportunity to network, inspire, promote and explain their service to the Public. It is an acknowledgement of the fact that their roles are so important. It will raise the profile of Humans in Geelong thus spreading ‘Good news’, positivity and inspiring others to make a difference.

It will be listed as part of Mental Health Week.

Sun 8 October from 10 – 3pm –  Deakin Waterfront Expo space and Courtyard

You can find Humans in Geelong on Facebook , Instagram, Twitter and their website