Diversitat Aged Support General Manager Robyn Martinez and noted author Arnold Zable prepare to place items from 2020 into the time capsule the future generations.

Diversitat and Wathaurong to bury the COVID-19 pandemic

Diversitat is documenting the memories of 2020 through a time capsule to be buried in the coming weeks.

The project is a partnership involving Diversitat Aged Support, the Wathaurong Aborigional Co-operative and the Diversity Theatre Project and includes over 70 journals completed by clients, volunteers and staff.

The journals capture stories, thoughts and images of this very difficult year.

“The Coronavirus (COVID-19) shutdown of 2020 has changed everyone’s lives dramatically – be they living in Australia or overseas,” Diversitat Aged Support General Manager Robyn Martinez said.

“It is worth documenting this moment in time for future generations and to recognise the vital contribution of all our aged cultural custodians – clients, staff and volunteers.”

“We have very resilient people in our groups and organisations, and we encouraged all of them to record their thoughts and feelings in a journal,” Ms Martinez said.

Noted author and activist Arnold Zable has also contributed a series of 35 social media posts reflecting on life during lockdown to the project.
“The 70 journals from project participants were very touching, with a broad range of emotions – hope, anger, joy, sadness and everything in between,” Mr Zable said.

“This project reminds us of how important it is that we share our stories.”

The time capsule also contains gifts for the future, including a glass boomerang created by Wathaurong Glass Arts and video content featuring interviews with staff, clients and volunteers.

It is anticipated that the time capsule will be dug up in 2025.