A new organisation needs a new name: it’s your day to have your say!

With the merger of Diversitat and MACS, we’ve engaged the creative bunch at Chatterbox Marketing to help us conduct a community consultation to help come up with a new name for the organisation.

We invite EVERYONE connected with Diversitat and MACS to participate where they can throughout July.

There’ll be gift vouchers and prizes to be won so you have to be in it, to win it!

All you have to do is ‘choose your own adventure’ from the list below and provide your input on this exciting project by sharing your ideas/thoughts with us.

The consultation channels available for you to choose from are:

  • Face-to-Face Workshops
  • Zoom Workshops
  • Phone Surveys
  • Online Surveys

To participate, please visit: https://chatterboxmarketing.eventbrite.com