Raising funds for the funeral service of Niksan Selvaraj

A GoFundMe page has been created to raise funds for funeral expenses for a tragic accident that took place on 20 April 2021. 38 year old Niksan Selvaraj was found deceased at St Helens Boat Ramp in Geelong. He was a Sri Lankan Tamil Asylum Seeker who leaves behind his wife and four children.

Niksan Selvaraj and Anna Mary Niksan had been married 16 years. The ages of their children are as follows; Serina – 13 years, Cinderella – 8 years, Olivia – 5 years and Helena – 2 years.

Niksan and his wife fled their homeland in fear of their lives. They arrived in Australia on April 2013 and were given a Safe Haven Enterprise Visa; 5 years ago. Whilst initially residing for a few years in Sunshine; they later moved to Geelong in 2017.

Niksan was a self-employed subcontractor. A highly skilled individual in the building and construction industry. He was a hard-working man who was always willing to help those who needed it. He was well known for putting others before self. Anna Mary is a homemaker at present.

During their journey to Australia by boat, Niksan took leadership in the traumatising situation and motivated the people on board and helped with food and water ration distribution. It is said his efforts saved several people on the boat.

Due to this tragic, sudden and unforeseen passing, the family of Niksan are hoping to raise enough funds to conduct a burial service for him. Due to the age of his children, this would allow his children to have a place to visit and connect with when older. To visit his grave site when reaching special milestones in their lives.

We are hoping to raise $8000 for the funeral service without causing financial strain to the already bereaved family.