Expression of Interest are currently closed - they will reopen 01/07/2019

Diversitat is pleased to announce its selections as an Approved Proposing Organisation (APO) for the Community Support Program (CSP).  CSP provides an additional settlement pathway for 1000 people in humanitarian situations overseas. It utilises the generosity and willingness that exists within the Australian community to assist people to settle successfully by providing a substantial financial contribution towards the cost of settlement and the provision of practical settlement support, including employment.

More information on CSP can be found on the Department of Home Affairs’ website here

What are the costs?

Diversitat collects the costs at five different stages throughout the process.  The costs consist of:

  • Administration fees – payable to Diversitat;
  • Visa Application Charges – payable to the Department of Home Affairs;
  • Humanitarian Settlement Program fees – payable to Diversitat;
  • Assurance of Support (AOS)’ – an agreement between an Assurer and the Department of Human Services, that they will cover the cost of any recoverable benefits paid by Centrelink to the visa applicants. An Assurer can only assure a maximum of 2 adults, and is subject to an income test;
  • Medical checks – payable to the health service provider in the applicant’s country of residence;
  • Airfares – payable to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) or airline of choice;
  • Miscellaneous costs dependent on country of residence (e.g. cost to courier Immicards, exit fees, or cost of pre-departure accommodation if required);
  • Costs associated with accommodation and settlement in Australia, until such time these can be covered by the visa applicants.

CSP Stages and Cost

Your suitability:

CSP visa applicants must align with the global, regional and settlement priorities of the Australian government.

After completion of the eligibility test you will be notified by email of your suitability for this program. Appropriate candidates will then be invited to lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI).  Those that have lodged EOI will be contact by email as soon as possible and advised whether or not their EOI has progressed to the next stage.

Diversitat will not discuss, or provide feedback regarding ineligibility for CSP and unsuccessful EOI.

Fees and associated costs paid to Diversitat and the Department of Home Affairs up to the time of visa application decision will not be refunded if the application is refused.

Our Region:

Our CSP will operate in both Geelong and Colac.  Both are regional cities/towns in Victoria and under the CSP priority is given to those applicants willing to live and work in regional and rural areas.

As the largest regional city in Victoria, Geelong has so much to offer. Less than an hour from Melbourne, Geelong has all the advantages of international city living without the overcrowding, and a wide mix of attractions from natural bush to spectacular surf beaches; historic townships and a modern shopping precincts. There are heaps of sport, leisure and cultural activities, and plenty of world class education and healthcare options. And, as you’d expect in such a vibrant region, employment prospects are many and varied.

For more information and a visual tour of Geelong click here

Colac is naturally spectacular and full of opportunity. It’s a highly active town/region, supporting a network of more than 1200 businesses and 800 farms. The thriving economy, in primary industries, tourism, food and fibre, commercial and community services, provides many employment opportunities. Colac has great schools, vibrant events, a diverse arts and culture scene, sports galore, awesome beaches close by and, above all, Colac is a family-friendly community. Improved road and rail connections mean Geelong and Melbourne are just a stone’s throw away, as are Ballarat and Warrnambool

For more information and a virtual tour of Colac click here