94.7 The Pulse Devastated by Former Mayor’s Decision to Sue

We at 94.7 The Pulse are very disappointed by the news that former Mayor, Darryn Lyons, has decided to take legal action against Geelong’s own community radio station regarding comments made on air by a former program host, Greg McHenry, in July 2017.

The Pulse has proudly served as a core part of the Geelong community for over 30 years, and Mr Lyons’ actions could serve as a potentially fatal blow for our station’s livelihood.

The Pulse is a not-for-profit community radio station whose day-to-day operations survive on the good will of our volunteers and sponsors within the community. Our programs are produced and hosted by volunteer local community members including 17 ethnic programs, local GDFL football and sporting event broadcasts. The Geelong region’s important issues, music, and cultural festivals alongside environmental, gardening and multi-faith discussions are all covered by The Pulse.

The Pulse has worked to repair our relationship with Mr Lyons over the past 12 months in making a formal apology, suspending the person responsible for the comments, and adhering to any other reasonable steps requested by Mr Lyons’ legal counsel. We are extremely disappointed that despite our efforts, Mr Lyons has chosen to move forward with his lawsuit. Our reputation within the community is cemented as a well-respected and irreplaceable part of the Geelong and surrounding region.

The financial hardship this suit has and will continue to bring may be devastating to our ability to operate. Fundraising campaigns and further sponsorship support may be required. It will be an extremely sad day for Geelong and surrounding regions if the station were forced to close our doors, devastating hundreds of volunteers and thousands of listeners.

Leo Renkin

Station Manager

94.7 The Pulse