Change is possible – Car registration payment system

FCRC congratulates the Victorian Government for implementing Vehicle Registration payment system

“FCRC launched a campaign for car rego instalment payments in 2015, and we got a great response, with more than 140,000 Victorians signing up to our petition,” says Julie. “It is great news, especially for Victorians under financial pressure, that from January next year they will not be forced to come up with $800 up front to be able to continue driving a car, but will be able to split payments over three or six monthly periods.”

Julie, who works as a financial counsellor at Diversitat Geelong, also stated “we would like to see the Government continue to review affordability of vehicle registrations for low income earners and explore options for payment by pensioners and Centrelink recipients through Centrepay as well.”

Like Julie, many Victorians living in regional and rural Victoria have little option but to own a car, for them this is a tremendous relief, especially for those who may be doing it tough.

The following quotes are attributable to FCRC Executive Officer Sandy Ross.

“FCRC congratulates the Victorian Government for introducing payments by instalments for vehicle registrations. It is a tremendous outcome.”

“This is a great win for Victorian families, when bills are piling up a big car rego payment has often dealt a vicious blow.”

“This is especially important for regional and rural Victorians who have little option but to have a car.”

“This change will prevent Victorians going into bad debt to keep their car on the road.”

“This will make life far easier for all Victorian vehicle owners who have ever struggled to pay their Rego”

FCRC is the peak body for Financial Counsellors in Victoria.

Financial counsellors provide information, support and advocacy to people in financial difficulty.

The above article was published on FCRC website