Diversitat Futsal Academy Graduation

On the 18th of July, 24 young people from CALD communities graduated from the Diversitat Futsal Academy.


DFA is a ten week futsal (indoor soccer) program. During the ten week DFA program young people were engaged in Futsal skill & development sessions, Futsal Games, and weekly Life-Skills Workshop. Guest speakers and volunteer community leaders worked with the DFA and provided valuable mentoring & learning opportunities.


The participants finish the DFA program with level 4 referee qualification; this opportunity will open doors to future employment as a referee in their local communities experiencing referees shortage.


The DFA Graduation event was attended by over 50 young people, their families, volunteers, and partner organization representatives to celebrate the young participant’s commitment.

Parents who came to support their children during the operation of the program were acknowledged for their support and encouraged to share their experiences with their community’s members and advocate on the importance of attending youth programs reflecting on their own experiences.