equip! young people making the most of holiday opportunities

Here’s a selection of a range of activities open to young people in Diversitat’s Equip mentoring program during the school holidays. Thanks to all our volunteer helpers!

Deakin Waterfront staff and students hosted a day of mock interviews and a site tour to share tips and experience.  Seven young people built their skills and confidence as they learnt about presenting for interviews and practiced their answers to challenging questions.   There were plenty of positive comments from staff too.

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet these fantastic young people.” Kerri Lawrence, HR.

In response to a comment that some young people hadn’t been to the beach before,  a ‘community connections’ day was organised at Torquay with equip! mentor Tony White from Torquay Surf Life Saving Club (TSLSC). He provided water safety training and encouraged young people to  get involved in a Bronze Medallion camp in December so that they could  volunteer with the TSLSC. Rachel Parker, from Ocean Mind Program also explained about the therapeutic role of surfing to help young people experiencing difficulties in their lives.  Familiarising young people with Torquay was also an opportunity to discuss retail and tourism opportunities.

Htoo Htoo visited his equip! mentor Michael  at his place of work, Braid Logistics Pty Ltd.  He learnt about  clerical and off-site roles in a local  international business – plus learnt to use a scanner and taught his mentor about Bluetooth!