Stories that need telling

Diversitat has commissioned three short films to be shown in Geelong cinemas and social media portals for the next five weeks.

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The 30 second stories are drawn from transcripts of interviews with people who are seeking asylum in Geelong. The participants have not been able to show their faces on camera and so these interviews have formed the basis for scripts. Actors portray the interview subjects and their journeys have been translated into a Caucasian experience.

The idea behind the concept also re-focuses the viewer experience and confronts the unconscious bias around our view of the stereotypical asylum seeker.

“We are simply asking the question; What if this was you?”

Video clips can be seen below

Quarry Workers




Diversitat CEO Michael Martinez is excited about this innovative project.

“We get a bit complacent about the narrative. We think we know the story but over time, we forget the reality. This film project confronts barriers of unconscious bias and distorted perception and tells the story of our newest community members in three beautiful little films. This project is an important step towards social connection and shines a light on the truth of the experience of seeking asylum. Their journeys, risks, and associated trauma.”

The films will be shown prior to movie screenings at Village, Readings and The Pivotonian.

“The films will be available on line and in a variety of community access settings. The aim is to make something challenging and extraordinary that begins to erode the misunderstandings about people who are seeking asylum. It’s important to remind ourselves of what these families have experienced and are still experiencing – just to find a place of peace in our community.”

You can follow the discussion on Diversitat social media via the hashtag #peopleseekasylum

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