Grandma Sings to the Moon – on sale!

Watch it here!

Do you remember as a child listening to the magical tales your grandparents would tell? Stories that had been remembered and re-told for generations. Sometimes they were simply fun – other times they shared a life lesson or spoke of a special family connection to nature or an event in the past. “Grandma Sings To The Moon” is such a story.

This engaging story comes from Diversitat’s Homework Club participant Bibyan, about her grandma who is still in South Sudan and her memories of her childhood.  This reflection was captured with pictures from the children in the homework club, and beautifully complied by Brittany, the Club Co-ordinator.

The Colac Homework Club has 13 students and 5 regular volunteers. Students from Trinity College in Years 11 & 12 also assist weekly.

The Club brings together students together with the Diversitat volunteers, who provide literacy and numeracy support to newly arrived students. It is a rewarding program which encourages peer-to-peer support.

The Diversitat Colac Homework Club commenced at the beginning of the school year with funding received from the Reid Malley Foundation.

Copies of “Grandma Sings To The Moon” picture book are now available for just $20 each from Diversitat Geelong West Office, the Diversitat Oppe Shoppe, The Pulse and Wholesfoods Cafe or call 5221 6044 for your nearest outlet.

All proceeds will support Settlement Services and Programs.