Making the most of every opportunity

Equip! young people were ( literally!) practising their juggling and teamwork skills in more ways than one towards the end of last year.

Those at school, TAFE or Uni, were winding down their studies for the year, making sure they are set for 2018, and preparing for a range of school holiday and summer opportunities.   For those in hospitality, it was time to bring those big smiles to customer service roles in cafes around Geelong, and Christmas / end-of-year functions.

Equip! is in the final phases with the current group and many  young people are  out and about, keen to put their learning into practice.

Over the January summer break, many participants are volunteering. This gives them a chance to explore career interests and gain valuable industry insights. They practise their communication skills and gain confidence whilst connecting with the community.  As examples, there are equip! young people interested in outdoor education and leadership at the Lions’ Club Licola camp;  others are helping in school holiday programs at Gateways’, or helping out in Aged Care.

In the final weeks of the school year, potential teachers and aides were helping in local classrooms.  A group went to TAFE to discuss trade options, and two others enrolled in a short taster to get hands-on experience.

Other participants are continuing at University – even opting to pick up a subject over January to get ahead! Now that’s commendable enthusiasm!

Once a month, whatever’s going on, equip! mentors and young people get together to share experiences, stay connected and have some fun.

If you would like to discuss an opportunity that may be of interest to a young person, please email [email protected] or phone Jill on 5221 6044.

Thanks to Phil Hines for the photos.