Multicultural Connect, Friday 13th July

For over forty years, Diversitat has delivered essential community settlement services to the Geelong region. Chances are your grandparents benefitted from a bit of help when they first arrived and celebrate the cultural welcome they received at Pako Festa every year.

Over 200 refugees are welcomed to the region annually from over 50 countries including Afghanistan, Liberia, South Sudan, Sri Lanka and Myanmar. Geelong has also been selected as one of only fourteen regional settlement locations for refugees arriving from Syria and Iraq within the next eighteen months. Many will be seeking employment to aid with positive integration into the community and Diversitat has forty programmes in place to help them transition into a new life with dignity.

Diversitat is aware that prospective employers may have concerns regarding hiring multi-cultural staff such as language barriers, visa requirements and cultural understanding, Diversitat hopes to create an opportunity to dispel these fears and as such is hosting the inaugural;

‘Multicultural Connect’ at The Northern Hub and Healthy Living Centre Diversitat, Norlane between 2pm and 7pm, Friday 13th July.

 The event is designed to provide an opportunity, free of charge, for employers to connect with job seekers from multi-cultural communities keen to create a positive future in Geelong.  Those seeking work have a diverse range of experience and equally the potential to not only have a hugely positive impact on the regions workforce but equally add cultural richness to the community.  So, whether you have immediate roles to fill, roles imminent, traineeships, internships or volunteer work, or would just like to take a look at how such an event could help your business in the future, there is a place for you at Diversitat’s inaugural Multicultural Connect.

 Please contact 5221 6044 to find out how you can get involved.

The Multicultural Connect Event has received funding from the Australian Government, Department of Jobs and Small Business.