My Maintenance Crew turns 1!

We’re 1! My Maintenance Crew kicked off in June 2018. We employed our first team leaders, our first trainee’s and got our first job with XTreme Tech. In the 12 months since we have grown the business so much and now service over 180 customers as well as having three long term contracts with VicRoads, WorkSafe and Fulton Hogan.

In the last year we have had the privilege of offering 21 young people not only employment but an opportunity to develop work skills, self-esteem, confidence and pride. We have been able to help them achieve financial independence, social connectedness and more positive wellbeing. Some have got their licence, some have moved into more stable housing, some have improved their fitness and some have just been awesome!

It has taken a lot of hard work, commitment and determination to prove that we are a quality service provider and a social enterprise worth supporting! We could not be more proud of our team and thank each and every one of them for embodying the My Maintenance Crew spirit!

We look forward to more years of growing our incredible enterprise, our wonderful team and the chance to support young people into employment. Thank you to all of our customers, especially those that signed up in the first few months…thanks for taking a chance on a new business and thanks for sticking with us this whole time!  We thank Diversitat for not only providing the opportunity but for also being one of our best customers! The biggest thanks though, goes to Brad Keating. Brad’s leadership, dedication to MMC and the team and his ability to promote us is the reason for our successes.

Remember us next time you need a little helping hand with your garden, something at home or any other job you need a hand with!

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