Reconnect Shoots Hoops

With Reconnect 1’s success, we are coming close to completion and are busy supporting the current clients to complete their studies, and starting to pathway them onto further education or linking them with employment opportunities.

Reconnect 2 is progressing well with around 40 clients on board so far. We welcome new referrals – so please do not hesitate to contact the Reconnect Team if you have any interested participants. We can work with people from 17 – 64 years of age as long as they are eligible.

During the July School Holidays, we ran an activity on Health, Wellbeing and Fitness. The group visited the Geelong Food Relief Centre in North Geelong and they learnt how to purchase appropriate grocery to be able to prepare a few meals. The group then followed recipes, prepared, and cooked three quick and healthy meals for everyone to share. We then completed an activity on sugary soft drinks and conducted an experiment with the amount of sugar each drink contains and learnt some fun facts about health and well-being. We then went out to Stead Park in Norlane learnt some excise skills using the equipment at the park and enjoyed a game of basketball to end the day.

Finally, the Reconnect Program is expanding and we are looking for new staff members in Geelong and Colac. For the Position Descriptions visit

For more information on the Reconnect Program, visit