Diversitat Aged Support Newsletter • Issue 2 | July 2020

Diversitat is committed to ensuring its services are inclusive and accessible to all eligible individuals.

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners, Custodians and Elders past and present of the Indigenous Nations on whose lands we work.

Message from Robyn Martinez

General Manager, Diversitat Aged Support

Dear Clients, Carers, Volunteers, Staff and Friends of Diversitat.

We are all hoping you are doing well at home and staying safe.

There has been a lot of welfare checking by staff to see you are managing okay and have some activities to keep you busy at home. We understand it is not the same as coming into the centre and we miss your laughing and happy chatting. It is very quiet without you at the Healthy Living Centre!

We have lots of ideas to help pass the time and happy to hear from you if you need or want our help, or have an activity idea.

Please use the Diversitat Meal Delivery Service: our Meals Hot line is 0428 312 970. Camille is still cooking up in our kitchen and we will bring the meals to your house!

We have been shopping for new games, activities and puzzles, as well as iPads and laptops that you can borrow to help you stay connected with loved ones, friends and us!

Just call the centre if you need any extra help: 5222 7275.

And we are getting everything in ship shape for your most wished for return.



Diversity Theatre Project – Film documentary from Anastasia Mate-Kole

As you all may be aware, on the 17th of February we started our very own Theatre Production with the participants from LGBTI, Wathaurong and CALD communities.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we had to temporary stop the program. We know how upsetting it has been for the participants not to be able to attend their theatre classes three times per week, but guess what our creative Diversity Theatre Project’s team has come up with?

We are now conducting one-on-one interviews for our participants via Zoom with Directors Jane Rafe and Dave Kelman. These interviews are recorded and will become part of the film documentary about the project and about the unprecedented COVID-19 times.

Everyone will get to see the documentary upon its completion. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and news on the Diversity Theatre Project!

Access and Support from Anne Riley

I am the Access and Support Worker at Aged Support, Diversitat. I assist people with diverse backgrounds who are finding it difficult to understand and navigate the in-home health care system, for example accessing My Aged Care.  I work to build knowledge and better access to necessary care and supports within the home.

At this very difficult time, there have been a lot of changes, including In-home care services and increased isolation.  If you or someone you know is vulnerable or needing help to access in-home services such as shopping, then Access and Support may be able to assist.

DHHS has highlighted the importance – leading into the cold and flu season – to remain careful about Coronavirus.

Stay home if you have symptoms and get tested if you have any symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19), however mild.

The test is free or your usual GP cost if not bulk billing. You should bring at least one other form of identification – for example, your Medicare card.

Where to get tested?

Phone before you visit. Use TIS free interpreting service: 131 450

  • Your local doctor (GP), or
  • Geelong Respiratory Clinic

Phone: (03) 5202 9344

Address: 2 – 18 Colac Rd, BELMONT

Various coronavirus translated resources. 

SBS translated resources:


Department of Health and Human Resources:


Health translations in various languages:


Anne Reilly – Access and Support

Phone: 5222 7275

Sitting Mindfulness Activity with Octavia 

Sitting in the gentle winter sun, listening to some music or the sounds around you. Just focus on the most distant of sounds you can hear. It may be a lawn mower or the sound of cars on the road, or a child playing.

Take three long slow breaths IN and OUT.

Again, just listen to the sounds closer by. Close your eyes and just let your breath guide your body into a rhythm.

Just like the ocean waves coming IN and OUT.

Notice any sensations in your body – like the feel of the sun on your face or arms.

The feel of the chair under your legs. The feel of your breathing and the rise and fall of your chest.

Breathe IN and OUT.

You may even notice the gentle sound of your breath as it enters and leaves your nose or mouth.

Breath IN and OUT.

Bring your awareness back into the room and the sounds in the room.

Pick up a happy thought – a friend or family member you like to spend time with.

Breath IN and OUT.

Do this whenever you are feeling a little anxious or worried and it’s sure to help.

So, remember we are doing regular welfare calls to say hello and stay connected with you.

We can also supply you with activity packs, IT packs and meal deliveries, as well as Yoga videos with our resident Yoga Instructor, Brett. Let us know how we can help you.

International days – NAIDOC Week 5th – 11th  July

Please note that this year National NAIDOC Week celebrations will be held from the 8-15 November due to the impacts and uncertainty from the Coronavirus pandemic.

Wathaurong (Wadda-Warrung)

The name Wathaurong (Wadda-Warrung) is a recognised tribe (community) which consisted of some 25 clans (family groups) that forms part of the Kulin Nation of Aboriginal people.

The traditional boundaries of the Wathaurong people span the coastline from the Werribee River to Lorne peninsula and traverse inland in a north westerly direction towards Ballarat.

The Wathaurong people have lived within these regions for more than 25,000 years.

Become acquainted with some Wathaurong words!

how do you do? | nyurra wurriyn

Goodbye | kun.gadji

take care | globata

Yes | yi-yi

No | ngan-ngan

Mother | ngardang

Father | gurrau

Baby | pupup

Child | babab

sister (elder) | tjatjarrang

sister (younger) | barrmbarra

Brother | koki

brother (eldest) | wardang

brother (youngest) | djidji

Aunty | baba-rrang

Uncle | tandop

kangaroo (male) | goim guliwan

Kangaroo | goim ngurgang