Diversitat Aged Support Newsletter • Issue 6 | April 2021

Diversitat is committed to ensuring its services are inclusive and accessible to all eligible individuals.

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners, Custodians and Elders past and present of the Indigenous Nations on whose lands we work.

Message from Robyn Martinez

General Manager, Diversitat Aged Support

Dear Beloved Clients, Carers, Volunteers, Staff and Friends of Diversitat,

We hope you are staying well and safe.

We are busy with lots of new ideas and opportunities at the Healthy Living Centre.

The government is now arranging for you to have you COVID immunisation.

Please see your doctor as soon as possible about getting your free injection.

Let staff know if you have a story to tell about the Palais Theatre. We are involved with a local group who are making a film! We will arrange a worker and transport to have an interview and tour of the Palais in Moorabool street.

You might be a film star!

You are all stars to us!

Stay safe and look after each other. We look forward to seeing you soon.



Diversity Theatre Project – Film documentary by Anastasia Mate-Kole

Run away to the Theatre with us!

The Diversity Theatre Project sessions have been continuing and are in full swing for 2021.

We are now running two workshops per week: Wednesdays at 1:00 pm and Fridays 12:00 pm. The topics that we are exploring during workshops include “Australia”, “Animals”, “Food”, “Old Age” and much more. During these workshops’ participants share their life experiences, come up with lyrics, sing under the accompaniment of Lucy Jones and even come up with mini performances.

Participants wanted!

The Theatre Group is looking for older people from the LGBTI+ and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to join our friendly group. We are looking for people who love to play and express themselves. We welcome you to explore your creativity and find new friends along the way!  For all enquiries, please contact us on 0456 810 623.

Here is one of the recent beautiful poems created by the group, enjoy!


Live every moment to the full!

Be full of life and love!

As a child, you are innocent –

Try to learn from everything you do, and everyone you meet.

Work hard and enjoy life

Be kind to all, people and animals,

Protect Nature

Be honest, and don’t judge others.

Work hard for a house

Speak up –  don’t be shy!

Protect yourself, don’t be put down for who you are,

And never trust a man with your feelings!

Take care of others

Be cheerful to everyone

Take care of your body and eat good things!

Look after your health and laugh more,

Always try and do your best with the time you have.

“The Club”Radio Program by Jasmin Findlay

Diversitat Aged Support Radio Program on 94.7 FM The Pulse titled ‘The Club’, is a culturally appropriate way to keep connected with Clients, Carers, family members, volunteers and friends, so they feel included in a unique social support model.

Glenn – Hope Garden Coordinator, has a segment in which he chats about all things garden related and sustainability, along with fresh seasonal produce and recipes to suit. Another regular host of the program is Jasmin, who runs a number of programs and projects for Diversitat Aged Support.

‘The Club’ has now been given a regular slot on The Pulse programming guide, going to air on 94.7FM each Monday from 3pm-4pm. The program will seek to be a collaborative effort between our Radio Project Team, Clients, Staff and Community Members. You can also listen via live stream from the website: https://947thepulse.com/

Our clients and the community are encouraged to put forward ideas for the program – via their weekly phone welfare chat with Aged Support Workers or by phoning the Healthy Living Centre on 5222 7275. Some ideas are: request songs for friends or family members, send messages of “Hello” to family or friends, ask gardening related questions or share your own knowledge and tips, share a recipe on air, simply come on for a chat with the hosts, share a story, suggest a community member to interview about an initiative or an event coming up. All ideas are welcome.

International Guide Dogs Day – 28 April

Dogs were first used to guide people who were blind in 1819 when Johann Wilhelm Klein founded an institute for the blind in Vienna, Austria. His ideas were later put into practice in 1916, when Dr Gerhard Stalling established a school to train dogs to assist German soldiers who had been blinded in the First World War.

Arnold Cook was responsible for bringing the first Guide Dog to Australia. A young West Australian, Arnold lost his sight through a rare disease at the age of 18. After graduating, Arnold Cook went to England to further his studies at the London School of Economics. Whilst there, Arnold heard about the Guide Dog Association in Britain and applied for a dog. He was accepted and trained with Dreana, a black female Labrador. In 1950 Dr Arnold Cook, returned home with his Guide Dog, the first in Australia. Fast forward to 1967 and the Puppy Raising program was launched, enabling young pups to be socialised for their first 12 months by volunteers in a family environment.

Wellbeing by Octavia Chabrier

By the time you are reading this month’s newsletter we will have celebrated Cultural Diversity Week and there are not many organisations I think, that embrace Diversity like we do in our big beautiful Diversitat Healthy Living Centre.

It is also International Day for the elimination of Racial Discrimination and Harmony Day. Every single one of us is unique and important in this melting pot of 2021. All of our contributions through culture, recipes, language, history and storytelling are important, and contribute to wellbeing.

Respecting each other’s diversity helps us all develop better social connections as well as a sense of belonging in community. Can you make a list of several things from your culture that you believe enhance your wellness and could be shared with others? This may include: Language, Songs, Rituals & Ceremonies, Festivals, Food, Holidays & Beliefs.

Here are a few interesting pieces or trivia that embrace culture and wellbeing:

  • Sharing a meal with others helps with digestion and appetite.
  • Twice weekly exercise shows improvement in memory and thinking, this includes dance and music.
  • Feeling cared about and valued within your culture or orientation is a protective factor in one’s mental health and wellbeing.
  • Sharing stories and culture creates social connections, understanding and tolerance.

Wellbeing Tips for Autumn:

  • Watch the colour changes in your garden and tend to little gardening jobs that may need doing.
  • Share a morning coffee with your neighbour and get to know them better.
  • Make sure you have your HLC exercises to keep you warmed up for the winter ahead.
  • Think about your favourite cool weather foods and share the recipes with others who need some cooking inspiration.

Thank you to everyone who entered and supported our new look COVID Safe Tomato and Chilli Competition!

It was so wonderful that we were able to continue this annual event and live stream it to you all on Facebook and The Pulse.

We hope you all enjoyed it!

And the winners were:

Biggest Tomato | Mara Iliescu

Smallest Tomato | Mitch Dye

Tastiest Tomato | Ivana Vlahovic

Longest Chilli | Alex Stojanovski

Hottest Chilli | Agnes Casaceli

Sweetest Chilli | Nada Bozinovski

Most Unusual Tomato | Sam Miano

Most Unusual Chilli | Toni Petkovski

Best Smelling Tomato | Steve Sobevski

Best Coloured Tomato | Tome Nikoloski

Best Coloured Chilli | Sadrija Resulagic

Tastiest Chilli & Tomato Chutney | Snezana Demo

Visit this website to find aged care services with staff who speak your language as well as health and aged care information in your language.

Puzzle Corner

Whom am I ?

1: I was a German physicist, regarded as the father of modern physics.

Initials:-  AE

2: I was an Italian renaissance artist, musician, inventor, famously known for the Mona Lisa.

Initials:-  L d V

3: I was a Danish author and poet best remembered for fairy tales.

Initials:-  HCA

4: I was probably the most famous English poet and playwright also referred to as “The Bard”.

Initials:-  WS

5: I was the Italian inventor of long distance radio transmission.

Initials:-  GM

You can find the answer at the end of this newsletter.

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About Diversitat Aged Support

Diversitat’s Aged Support Services promotes independence for older people from culturally diverse backgrounds by providing support and socialisation opportunities.

500-600 clients from 23 different countries use Aged Support’s services.

Diversitat’s Aged Support is the winner of the global award: Most Outstanding Multicultural Community Support Group in the World 2018 and winner: Best Aged Care Facility as judged by Australian Healthcare Week 2019.

Our Mission

Building on our proud heritage of migrant services, since 1978,  Diversitat aspires to provide an innovative and high-quality response to the changing needs of a culturally diverse community.

Supported by funding from the Commonwealth and Victorian Governments under the Home and Community Care (HACC) and Commonwealth Home Support Programs (CHSP).

Puzzle Corner Answers:

1: Albert Einstein

2: Leonardo Da Vinci

3: Hans Christian Anderson

4: William Shakespeare

5: Guglielmo Marconi

Funded by the Victorian Government

Supported by funding from the Commonwealth and Victorian Governments under the Home and Community Care (HACC) and Commonwealth Home Support Programs (CHSP).