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Diversitat is proud and privileged to be supported by over 650 dedicated volunteers who work alongside our employees,  supporting our high quality services provided for a broad range of clients across the organisation.


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Volunteers play a vital role,  supporting people who are disadvantaged in our community, by helping them become more actively involved in everyday life.

Volunteers have the opportunity to share their skills, personality and experience in an area that interests them, with people who truly value their contribution. Many past and current volunteers have formed lasting friendships and derived enormous satisfaction from helping people achieve their goals.

Diversitat have several departments with a range of programs, for which we need volunteers, including tutoring with adults, tutoring with school aged children, aged care services, the Pulse Radio and Television, the Belmont Oppe Shoppe, our events and more.

Find out more about the volunteering opportunities available at Diversitat and read testimonials from the great volunteers who already work with us.

The support I receive from Diversitat and the friendships I have formed with Fellow volunteers are part of all that makes my volunteering an ongoing pleasure. Developing new skills, meeting people from a wide variety of backgrounds and learning about other languages and cultures benefits me in all areas of my personal and professional life. Should you be considering volunteering in a similar role, I highly encourage you to give it a go!

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