Carlia’s story

The following passage is written by Carlia, a participant in Diversitat’s Reconnect Program.

“I became a carer for my mum when I was 17, and until I was 21 it was really just the two of us together. We moved away from my old town Wodonga, to our dream town Geelong, in September 2017. At the end of October she passed away and suddenly I found myself in a new town without any support, grieving the loss of my mother and best friend, while also having to deal with the reality of my income being halved and my bills doubling.

I was stuck renting a house that cost twice of what the youth allowance payment gave me, I was having no luck applying for jobs because I had no recent experience due to being a carer, I had no luck finding a house-mate, and I quite frankly couldn’t afford to live and was having to reconsider going back to a dead-end town I hated, after working so hard to get my mum and I to Geelong.

I was set up with Caron from G-Force employment solutions who introduced me to Sarah from Diversitat’s Reconnect Program. Together, Caron and Sarah helped me get back on my feet and stay in Geelong. They helped me with my bills and rent, writing my resume and finding places who would take me on as an employee, with trying to find a house-mate and when that didn’t work out they helped me to break my lease and move into a unit I could afford.

It’s been about 8 months since then, and I now have a full-time job and I’m planning on doing a Traineeship.  I have money in my savings account, instead of ignoring phone calls from businesses whose bills I hadn’t paid, I’m not struggling to survive anymore and I feel confident in my future here in Geelong and in general, all thanks to their help and hard work. I would definitely recommend GForce and Diversitat’s Reconnect Program.”

For more information on the Reconnect Program visit their page here