Be a part of a healthy way for Geelong’s Youth

Healthy food is a big part of well-being and performance. At Diversitat, our youth students are a part of a daily breakfast program which enable to start their days in the right way but, what happens for the rest of the day?

We are seeking donations to continue the day right with healthy lunch and snack options.

These can be fruit, vegetables, bread, backed goods, cooking materials, breakfast cereals, water, tin food, vouchers, money donations etc.

The donations will contribute to Geelong’s disengaged youth which prepare them in education, training and empowering them pursue their personal and vocational goals and interests.

For more information or donations please call Cain Brunton on 0437 102 902 or email [email protected]

Address: Pulse Radio Station, 68 Little Ryrie Street, Geelong

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