Reconnect: Empowering Elizabeth through training

At 19 years old, Reconnect participant Elizabeth has successfully completed a Certificate 4 in Disability through Diversitat Training in Colac.

Elizabeth has worked very hard with Reconnect Mentor Natalie and has fully participated in the Colac Reconnect program over the past year. In addition to completing a certificate course she has been able to:

  • find employment at a local restaurant
  • complete employment related activities such as First Aid, Working With Children Check
  • participate in local Youth Week activities such as a photography competition
  • complete her hours and get her Probationary licence
  • address personal barriers and needs through engaging collaboratively with community supports available to her

It has been a pleasure and privilege to work with Elizabeth. She has fully embraced the spirit of the Reconnect program, which has resulted in achieving her own life goals from a place of empowerment.


The Reconnect Program is designed to assist learners enrol in and complete accredited training while helping learners address any unmet needs. Read more about the Reconnect Program and if you know anyone who may benefit from being involved please contact us. The Reconnect Program operates in Geelong and Colac.